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What would “a pizza formed like earths continents” or “A painting of the style of Manet of a bunch of people on pizza” look like? With strange descriptions related to pizza on the cards, Pizza Prompt Memory is not your average memory game. Can you match the weird text to the funny, gross or bizarre picture, generated by AI?
The Pizza Prompt Memory Game consists of 48 cards and comes in an appetising bag.
With generative AI becoming more ubiquitous and popular among the general public, prompt* engineering has become a must-have skill. To work together with AI in better ways, learning how to communicate with, manipulate, and fine-tune these tools is fundamental. The Pizza Prompt Memory game is a playful way to become more prompt savvy, without the need for computer processing power.
*A prompt is a snippet of text given to an AI language model to generate a response, such as an image.
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